4-weeks to success!

We believe that you should always “Be Your Best”.  Here at the office we work with you on being just that, Your Best!  We have found a wonderful opportunity to sponsor Andrea Mandella!  She is someone who works on being her best everyday!  She is a bodybuilder who prides herself in completing her goals!

She is getting ready to compete next week and we would like to take you through the competition and the last 3 weeks for her to get to July 24.

Andrea Mandella is a fitness expert who applies personal training into her own lifestyle. She holds two championship titles in bodybuilding and figure. Andrea is a natural athlete that has been competing since she graduated with a BA in Psychology. She has numerous certifications through NASM and is highly qualified to direct other aspiring trainers at gyms in the Los Angeles area. Andrea enjoys helping her own clients reach their physical goals. She is an inspiration to people all across the country.  She currently is holding her own competition with Andrea’s Athletes Biggest Loser!

Follow us each day as we go back through the last three weeks to guide you through Dr. Stephen McNeese’s efforts to assist in Andrea’s look for the competition!


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