Dr. Stephen McNeese focuses on the back

With Andrea Mandella’s competition coming up in bodybuilding and figure, she came to us because she had acne on her back that needs to be removed before the competition.  Andrea’s acne is genetic.  Andrea has had an acne free face for about a year due to Dr. Mcneese and his own acne treatment kit.  Andrea’s back was in terrible shape due to her rigorous workouts.  4-hour a day training sessions equals plenty of sweat and in a gym setting has not been favorable to Andrea’s back.

Dr. McNeese sent Joyce Matlock in to personally handle the process with Dr.’s consult.  She started by exfoliating with a cocoa enzyme.  The cocoa calms the skin!  Joyce then worked on extractions, and added an oxygen treatment.  It is a white foam and assists with the germicidal process however, the treatment helps the blood flow and drives oxygen into the cells.  She then spritzed the back with Vitamin C, an antioxidant and rinsed the foam off.  The back was then soothed by Vita Soothe, a Vitamin F serum and lastly sunblock was added.

Here is an image when Andrea first started this process!  We have 4-weeks to get Andrea to perfection!

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