Radiesse and Botox

As we age, the underlying tissues that keep our skin looking youthful and plumped up begin to break down, often leaving laugh lines, crow’s feet, peri-oral lines or unwanted facial creases and folds.

Dr. McNeese offers several quick fixes that don’t require anesthesia but have terrific results.  

Surgical Overview

  • Rediesse

The latest injectable substance that is newly available for cosmetic use to give fuller lips and fill in tissue deficits and folds. Radiesse is made up of microscopic calcium particles called hydroxylapatite, a normal component of bone. It is suspended in an absorbable gel. Radiesse is currently FDA-approved for use in vocal cord augmentation, dental work and is a substance that has proven to be compatible with the body. The advantage of Radiesse is that it lasts about 10-15 times longer than collagen. It has no animal products and requires no allergy testing prior to treatments. Radiesse can treat a larger area than collagen with a more natural appearance. 
  • Botox

If the years of laughing and living have left their mark, talk to us about BOTOX. A ten minute treatment with BOTOX can soften tough wrinkles between your eyebrows, crows feet and forehead. The muscles are relaxed for up to four months. It’s a simple, non-surgical procedure that does not require any “downtime.”