Los Angeles Magazine 2010

A couple of years ago I noticed the frame around the atrium in my house was wearing away. I live in a modest house in a beautiful area with great neighbors on either side of me so know there is no way I want to let this problem deteriorate any more nor is moving an option.

We took out the old frame and rusty nails and replaced it with new wood, wood screws and fresh paint and it looks great!

How does this relate to plastic surgery, you ask? As we age the structure of our frame remains the same. However, because of gravity, the muscles and fascia that served so well when we were young has started to sag.
That’s when we call award-winning plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen McNeese. His special training allows him to go in and pick up the sagging areas and restore them to that beautiful structure that is uniquely yours. Remember, he is here to help you Be Your Best!

Dr. McNeese is featured in the January issue of the Los Angeles Magazine as one of “2010 Super Doctors.” Los Angeles Magazine has a formula they have derived from surveys they sent out to 30,000 doctors to ascertain the top 5% of all doctors in all of Southern California.

In celebration of this momentous occasion when you schedule a cosmetic procedure with Dr. McNeese during the month of January, he will give you your choice of a free injection of Botox®, Dysport® or filler of your choice. (Sculptra® not included.)

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