Recession Proof Your Face

There are a number of proactive things we can do to keep ourselves fit in body, mind and soul. According to Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit”, there are three types of individuals: Tunas, Dolphins and Sharks. Now before you start humming a “Westside Story” refrain…please note: we’re dolphins!J

That means our office and all who do business with us are those who like to frolic in the ocean of cosmic delight.   We take proactive steps to protect our lives and those around us.
Dr. McNeese understands that in order for us to maintain in this blip of financial chaos, we have options available to us that are neither financially nor physically taxing. I think we all understand that surgery is the gold standard in looking our best.
Dr. McNeese is still very impressed with the “liquid cheek lift”. Unlike some of our vendors, the makers of Radiesse® are reducing the price of their product. We can now offer this incredible lift for $625.00/syringe! That is $225.00 per syringe saving.   Radiesse® is a filler that is calcium based and can last for two years or more! It can also be used to fill in naso-labial folds, hollow areas of the cheeks and to accent the chin. It is a wonderful alternative to a facelift to help get you through these tough times until we can get on more stable financial grounds.
Another treatment we can do to make us look more vibrant and healthy is the SWiCH treatment. This is one of my personal favorites. SWiCH is an acronym for Skin Wellness in Cellular Health.  This is a series of treatments that not only rejuvenates the skin but should be considered an age reversal process.
We perform a gentle cleanse then apply a product called Epi-Prep. This is a mild acid that opens up the matrix of the skin to allow the next process to happen. We leave this acid on for a half hour, then remove the product to prepare for the next step. We then apply the Cellular Swich. This solution is a combination of Pyruvic, Succinic and Salicylic acids. The Pyruvic acid is the energy we send into the cell to get it to spin faster, the Succinic acid is the energy we send into the cell to keep it spinning faster and the Salicylic acid is an exfoliant to help push off the dead skin cell. These acids penetrate into the mitochondria (that’s the energy-producing organelle inside each cell) to turn on the “switch” to make the cell reproduce faster…creating new skin at a faster rate! This, again, is left on for a half hour.
The last part of the process is to apply the Fraction V. This product is a polypeptide that protects the mitochondria and enhances the immune process. So, we ask the skin to do what it did for us when we were younger…without wounding the skin!! We also send you home with a cleanser called “Vitamin Veil” for you to use after the treatment.  Most like the cleanser so well that they continue using it for their normal cleansing needs.
Dr. McNeese’s own line is coming out with a new at-home peel that are now available. This amazing product is scientifically proven to increase the natural moisturizing factor in the skin by 40%. The first day after my initial at-home treatment my face had a noticeable more hydrated feel and appearance. Here in beautiful sunny southern California, this is one product sure to quickly become a favorite.
The other product available is the Ultra Benefits Crème. This is a unique blend of Co-Q 10 and other photo protective ingredients that are designed to fade hyperpigmented areas and helps to firm the skin for the ultimate anti-aging product. These products work together to brighten, lighten and tighten your skin for a healthy, glowing result!
We have a number of other rejuvenating treatments and products that help keep you and your skin looking healthy and vibrant without cramping your pocket book. To discuss your specific concerns please give us a call at the office at (818) 840-8335 or make an appointment to talk over the alternatives with the doctor.
Remember, we’re here to help you “Be Your Best”!

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