“Dearest Dr. McNeese, I cannot express enough gratitude for the most excellent rhinoplasty surgery you did for me.  I now feel elated about the way I look, but more importantly, about the way I feel.  You are an awesome person and doctor…Much Gratitude!”

Ani Z.

“Dear Dr. McNeese~
Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job on my nose.  I’ve gotten so many compliments on it.  Some of the movie stars that have had their noses done don’t look as good.  Theirs look too fake.  Well, thanks for putting up with my brother and his friends.  Having my nose done by you was the best thing I’ve ever done!  Thank you.” 

Niki C.

“Dr. McNeese~
I was so nervous going in to surgery.  Thank you so much for calming my fears!  In my after pictures I look like I did 10 years ago.  It’s great to know someone who restores the truth – not stretch it!”



(ear pinning)

“Dear Dr. McNeese and Staff~I wanted to thank you for your help, support, understanding & overall knowledge concerning my surgery.  Being in the office felt like I was with a loving & caring family – which was so comforting to me!  In my opinion, Dr. McNeese is the Best Surgeon ever with the most incredible staff you could ever ask for!!” 

Sincerely, Shannon B.


Breast Augmentation

“Dear Dr. McNeese, Thank you for all your support and kind words during my recovery…it truly made a difference.  You did such a beautiful job on the “twins.”  I’m truly blessed to have found such a gifted surgeon.”
“P.S.  I now need a security guard to protect the “twins!”

Yours Truly, K


Facelift and Eyelid Lift of Upper and Lower Lids

“Dear Dr. McNeese~
Thank you for making such an improvement in my appearance…my husband is also happy with my results.  When I saw my before and after pictures I realized why I needed that surgery to make me feel better about myself.  I know I couldn’t have chosen a more skilled surgeon.  I would definitely recommend you to my friends in need of excellent plastic surgery.”

Linda S.

Browlift, Eyelid Lift and Otoplasty

“Dr. Dr. McNeese~
When I took off my bandages this morning I could not see any scars. I asked my friend who was visiting me – she said “I can see a thin line.”
Later I went to a mirror and could find no line at all.
The great painters of the world painted wonderful paintings to delight us.
You delight us by making your art disappear.
Thank you very much!”

Wilma G.

“Dr McNeese did a fantastic job! He has a great bed-side manner and made me feel comfortable every step of the way.”

Kellie C.

“He is a great plastic surgeon with artistic skills, he pays attention to the human body’s feature to achieve the best outcome in his work as a cosmetic or re-constructive surgeon. I love the work he performed on me, and every person that i referred to him are extremely happy with their outcome. Schedule a free appointment with him and let him do his magic.”

Teresa V.

“Quite simply put, Dr. McNeese is the best in the business.”

Tadeh B.

“Dr, McNeese is an amazing human being and a very professional doctor that I highly recommend to anyone who needs to improve self-confidence or breathing problems.”

Roger V.

“You changed my life! I feel beautiful and confident again! Because of your work, in a bad economy I was just was hired as Director of Sales in a brand new Assisted Living at the age of sixty years old! Everyone I run into that hasn’t seen me since my surgery, can’t take their eyes off of me. They just stare and tell me how incredible I look! I simply smile and say “Thank you”. No one knows I’ve had anything done to turn back the clock, because I look SO natural! I owe it all to you Dr. McNeese. You are the best in the business as far as I’m concerned! Thank YOU!”

– Sincerely,  Maxine A.

“All of the attributes listed above apply to Dr. McNeese. He is an excellent doctor and is very personable as well. He achieves wonderful results by using his medical knowledge, artistic abilities, and creativity. Dr. McNeese always makes a patient feel at ease with his warm demeanor and in-depth knowledge as a surgeon. Dr McNeese provided all of the information I needed for post surgery exercise and treatment and has been on time for every appointment. He has always responded very promptly to my many questions. His professionalism is beyond reproach, indicating consistency and reliability in his work. Dr. McNeese’s costs are very reasonable and include post surgery visits. I would recommend Dr. McNeese to anyone I know because he truly does superlative work and is a super person! Thank you, Dr. McNeese.”

– With appreciation, Valentina B.

“There aren’t enough praise adjectives to be able to do justice in my recommendation of Dr. Stephen McNeese-”PLASTIC SURGEON EXTRAORDINAIRE”.

We, who have witnessed his miraculous work on patients (not to mention his incredible, caring, warm and professional manner!) refer to him as “BERNINI McNEESE” and I call him “MICHAELANGELO McNEESE”.

Linda J. C.

“Stephen McNeese is a true professional. He is very detailed in his work and delivers a great results. His staff is very friendly and easy to work with. I highly reccommend him and his services.”

Trish B.

“Dr.Stephen McNeese is an excellent Plastic Surgeon who I trust 100%. I have had several procedures in which I’m extremely pleased with. He is precise and listens to exactly what you want and how you feel to give you the result that you will love. My husbands says that he is an artist, he truly is. I recommend Dr. Stephen McNeese to everyone th at has ever asked me about plastic surgery.”

LaFay P.